Tuesday, August 4, 2015

An interactive thread on "The future of Bitcoin in 5 year horizon"

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Iran Nuclear Agreement seems to be a welcome change of global diplomacy and relief for Crude oil price

After 12 years of ordeal, Iran and the global powers are finally coming to terms about the former’s nuclear program. With the current scenario in Middle East, the last thing the world needed is another global confrontation. For the U.S., grappling with a 35-year estrangement from the Islamic Republic, the pact will probably face further hurdles. Congress now has 60 days to review the document, where it will meet resistance from lawmakers who have opposed making nuclear compromises with Iran. We shall have to wait for the details of the agreement, but the current events do seem to be better way to resolve conflict rather than the strategy approached in “burning” examples such as Iraq.

The Crude oil price might now fall back as Iran will ramp up its production. The Iranian market is going to be a huge opportunity as it’s predominantly untapped. To have a positive lookout, the development looks very promising. Still, we shall have to wait to see how this pan out and there should not be a drastic change of affairs.
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Anwesh Chakraborty

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Is excessive regulation hurting Chinese stock market credibility?

The global economy is going through a jittery state. After a long ordeal with Greece ending in a disappointing mode for Euro leadership, now the mighty Chinese market seems to be heading towards meltdown. Stock markets across the globe are going through a massive slump. While Greece issue was because of a political decision and a failed effort to unite diversified societies into one single currency regulation. The future of Euro was always questionable because of its inability to have an authoritative say in its participating countries administrative structure.
Now the overly controlled Chinese market is going through a problem of its own. The Shanghai Composite Index slid 5.9 percent to 3,507.19 at the close. With at least 1,331 companies halted on mainland exchanges and another 747 falling by the 10 percent daily limit, sellers were locked out of 72 percent of the Chinese market.
The Chinese authorities have jumped in with their support measures. The China Financial Futures Exchange raised margin requirements for shorting contracts on the small-cap CSI 500 Index. China Securities Finance Corp. said it will buy more shares of small- and mid-cap companies, while people familiar with the matter said the government agency is seeking at least 500 billion Yuan in liquidity to support equities. The government also ordered state-owned firms not to cut holdings in their listed companies.
43% of the Chinese stock market froze due to the trading halt. On the Shanghai exchange, 365 companies suspended trading, equivalent to 33 percent of all listings. A further 992 were halted in Shenzhen, or 56 percent of the total. Blocking the trade to stop stocks from falling is not the best way to deal with the situation. Investors are stuck in a very fearful situation; they will try to liquidate their investments by selling decent stocks. Such government intervention is likely to backfire as retail investors will definitely act frantically. The Chinese investor sentiment was developed in such manner that a market correction seemed to be unlikely and the government is trying to stop the fall in a very unnatural manner. In the long term investors might not be interested to invest into the stock market having burnt their hands once. I personally believe, this is hurting the credibility of the stock market.
Though the government is equipped enough to tackle this scenario at the moment, it is important to help the market act on its own. A ripple effect cannot be dominated by a government strategy. You cannot expect all your investors to be value driven all the time.

Anwesh Chakraborty

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Is West Bengal becoming the new Bihar of India?

This statement might seem to be a little controversial to people. Might feel to be insulting to some as well. But looking at the present scenario and progress of things this statement came up in my mind. Case 1:

West Bengal, a state with highly rich history and outstanding food. A state which was considered to be heavily blessed due to its strong financial importance and prospect in 1960's. But somehow things did not happen as expected and the state totally lost track from 1970's which still is very evident there. Political turmoil and "no Industry" activities played part in these cases. In my view the fate of a democratic land is mostly decided by the people in it, and eventually the leaders they choose. In that regard let me put across a straightforward scenario here:

Leadership: I shall only discuss the leadership who have been instrumental to shape the states future from 60's in this segment. Which predominantly is the leftist political influence. The state is considered to be a LEFT BASTION. From a very high level I have to say the effort was really not there and visibility of Government was "Myopic". We can have a further discussion on what went wrong on the later stage of this discussion. Installing political roots across the society has harmed the state like never before and this was done with an intention to intensify political grip so strong that it takes a steady professional effort to upstage the party rule. The approach was a killer, both symbolically and literally. It strengthened the ruling party like no one else in the world, but it killed the socio economic structure of a once rich state. The similar approach was copied repeatedly by different outfits which severely worsened the condition. West Bengal became a politically divided state from a rich in heritage and bright-futured one.

Opposition: The maximum effort any opposition party should put is to target the ruling party for its negative points. Which could have been Less Industrialization, Social erosion, lack of development, rising unemployment, brain drain, no innovation, losing in he competition and so on and so forth. Above all what we all could see in the ground level was a ANTI LEFT agenda. Other issues took backstage and never came in the spotlight. The opposition seemed to have lost its script and repeated the same lines year after year. Sad, in fact frustrating. Now looking ahead to take over as Power Leaders, which was once seen as the winning sprint for the state from its national competitors, the casual approach of the Opposition is as alarming as Tsunami hitting the coasts of Andaman. The state is on verge of losing its only hope and getting into a dual which no one will win. Its a devastating scenario where the future seems really gloomy. Its a bloodbath happening there, and political catfight which seems to be the interest of every individual instead of thinking about the time this state is losing, the advancement happening across the nation that they are losing out of and most importantly the broader interest of the nation.

People: Nobody can blame others if you try to destroy yourself. If there is anybody to blame for the fate West Bengal is in, its the people itself. They chose their fate, they chose their leaders. Small gain, smaller interests and lack of vision did the majority of the damage to the state. Sometimes it gave an idea that the state is not capable of handling an electoral democracy.

BIHAR The winning run: GO BIHAR GO!! That's what comes in my mind when I see its golden run starting up. The present government shows its interest in the states future growth and the people seems to have agreed to join hands into this developmental spirit. Its not only the massive GDP growth that we should see, we should consider the paradigm shift where a state scattered by castism and corruption is pulling itself together and acting like Gujarat. Thats simply outstanding. Looking at this I can never say Bihar is a "back bencher" state anymore. It has shown the maturity and its showing the right spirits, with this they can win the game.

Going with it, it seems to me West Bengal have poised itself to be a state of only political interest and it will continue to be, it will take a long time to get into the "growth story" that the rest of the nation is joining in. It has become a case what Bihar once was and got itself out of. Its a riches to rags story and an very sad one.

Friday, December 17, 2010

AtSpeed Corp Cloud: Finally Spinal Architecture is ready for all

Greetings from AtSpeed Corp,

After all discussion and hype, finally Spinal Architecture is ready for the market. Its a completely efficient Infrastructure support platform which shall open new technology verticals. A never before approach for all industries, come and experience a cloud which stays at a higher ground than everybody else.

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SMART LIGHTS: a new step to greener environment

AtSpeed Corp presents its smart lighting Solutions. AtSpeed LED Lights with complete automation, it is intended to bring down your energy consumption to a new low and save the environment in return. Lets go for a brighter and greener solutions. This is our first step towards helping mother earth from the increasing demand of energy production. We Encourage everyone to have a look at our LED Brochures and see at the level of efficiency that we are providing, like none other in the Industry. We have a wide range of products for all your Domestic, Office and outdoor requirements.

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AtSpeed Corp: Let there be light...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Big fight and big victory

Congratulations to Lakshmi Arumugam on winning AtSpeed Corp Bonanza. This online event was a massive success with people across the country took part in this Management, technical and social know how and knowledge sharing platform. The Final event standings are as follows:

Lakshmi Arumugam: 1st
Arpit Agarwal : 2 nd
Sandeep Kumar: 3rd

Congratulations to all participants.